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The Ember Days

Fervr talks to a band from NZ about Christianity and music

'The Ember Days' are a New Zealand band based in Nashville. They write and play praise & worship music with a difference. We recently had a chat with singer/songwriter Jason Belcher about music and mission.

Hi Jase, tell us a little about how the band got started?

The Ember Days started just after Janell and I got married, 5 and a half years ago and from that time we have had some member changes, but the heart has always stayed the same. It's been an amazing time. We started in New Zealand and have been touring ever since.

How would you describe your music? What bands have influenced you?

I would describe it as post rock/indie/alternative/rock/worship. Basically we just try to write the most beautiful music we can for the Lord.

I think the bands that have influenced us the most would be Sigur Ros, Thrice, Jimmy Eat World, Copeland, Coldplay, Explosions In The Sky. I am not sure how much or how little those bands have influenced us, but we all love those bands.

What made you decide to write and record worship songs rather than, say, just songs with a Christian message, or even just personal songs from a Christian world-view?

Honestly it's not so much a decision as far as it's naturally what came out from us. We simply use music as a vehicle to try and make beautiful sounds for the Lord. It's kinda like a response to a love that we have experienced, and an offering of gratitude for what we have received in Jesus.

How do your songs normally come about and get written?

Normally for me it starts with a sound on guitar, or a chord progression, then a melody will come and then I try and figure out what the heart of the music is. And then I write lyrics. Janell is a bit different, she normally goes in reverse order to me. Lyrics and melody then chords. But sometimes she  writes the same way as me.

Sometimes whole songs just happen on fly. We will be playing somewhere or practicing somewhere and a whole song will just happen, that is pretty exciting to be a part of. Finger Painting happened that way, so did Rest, and some moments on our next record as well.

At the moment you release your songs for free through 'Come & Live'. How did you come to do that?

Well, we met Chad Johnson a few years back at Cornerstone and ever since then we have totally been amazing friends, and his vision and our vision go hand in hand so its a no brainer. Its amazing doing ministry with your friends.

How does it all work being involved with 'Come & Live'?

Basically on the simplest terms its easiest to understand what 'Come & Live' is if you look at it through the eyes of a missionary organization. 'Come & Live' supports bands that work with them on a discipleship level. 'Come & Live' Is not a label. They do not own the band's music. They don't manage us etc....

They are passionate about equipping the next generation to operate in a kingdom lifestyle and support bands to grow in the same way. We don't sign a contract, we sign an artist's creed which is basically about taking your responsibility as an artist before the Lord seriously.

So what is next for the Ember Days?

Releasing a new album on August 30, playing lots in the USA and hopefully in AUZ and NZ. Keep loving God and the people around us.

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