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The Cross: Book Review

A powerful new book to help teens discover more about Jesus.

Review by Chris Zabaks

Peter, Becky, Simon, Mary-Jane, James, Isabel, Katherine, Jonny, Thom and you all have a need. And it happens to be the same one — the cross. More than just a book, though, you need the cross - the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which now offers anyone and everyone forgiveness for their sins. This is where The Cross (as in the book) comes in.

What's so great about the cross?

There is so much more to the cross of Jesus than just the few Bible chapters which focus on the event itself. This book opens up God’s word from Genesis to Revelation looking into some of the more important prophecies and explanations for the importance of Jesus’ mission in coming as fully man, and still fully God, and willingly dying for us. Chapter Two, for instance, looks at the lamb that was to be slain at the Passover in Egypt, which would free the Israelites from captivity. 

“What could possibly be the substitute for us?...Surely it would have to be a human… This human would have to die in our place, taking our guilt and shame on himself.”

You may have thought like I did to begin with, “sounds like a good book and it may have some good points to it. But I have read the Exodus story many times and I know what it is about.” Well I tell you what; I have NEVER read something so powerful in my life as the story of the Passover where it was both brought into a modern context while I also felt I was transported back in time to be there when it all went down.

I would gladly stand in front of a church to give a talk and read chapters from this book word for word.

An excellent read (even if you don't like reading)

Author Ed Surrey writes in such a way that everything flows together, and by the end of each chapter you’re left with “WOW”. With great technique in his writing, Ed brings everything he teaches to a personal level where you are not only encouraged in Christ but have to face decisions in your own life. With solid theology and captivating stories, the book cuts deep to the heart and bring up serious emotions. For me, The Cross is a must read.

The Cross is more than a commentary for teens, it is here to encourage you in the love God has for you personally. It is here to challenge anyone who has not made a commitment to follow Christ, to see the lengths God went to, to restore a relationship with Him. It is here to help mature you in your faith. 

As a teen I was never big on reading. I liked the idea for opening a book and getting lost in it, but games and movies always won out in the end. Now that I am older, can I specifically encourage you who are like younger me, this book is a great place start. While your friends may be reading The Hunger Games, I'm telling you The Cross is better!

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