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The City of Ember

by fervreditor

The City of Ember is one of those movies you may have never heard of. Yet, even now it is still showing in a quite a few mainstream cinemas.

It’s directed by a famous actor, Tom Hanks, and another famous actor, Bill Murray plays one of the main characters. So you think more people would have heard of it. Yet, when I went and saw City of Ember, there was a total of 8 people in the cinema, and a friend of mine went a few days earlier and there was only 3.

The reason for the lack of success of City of Ember, could be due to the fact that it’s not the world’s greatest movie. It’s a little bland, has a confusing storyline, and leaves you after the movie talking about all the things that didn’t make sense.

The movie is all about an underground city that was built to survive a disaster above ground. The inhabitants of the city are only meant to be there for 200 years before they look at the instructions on how to get out, and escape back to fresh air, trees and beaches.

However, somewhere in those 200 years, the instructions are lost and the current citizens end up not knowing there even is an outside world. They believe the City of Ember is all there is. Yet the City of Ember is having lots of problems with their power generator – they need a solution fast before the power runs out and everyone dies.

In come the heroes, a young boy and girl, who end up discovering there is a way out of Ember, if only they can get people to believe them, and not get arrested.

From a Christian perspective, there are some interesting ideas in the story. The most interesting one for me is the concept that we live in a world that seems to think there is no such thing as God or heaven, because we can’t see them. Yet, as the movie points out, how can people be absolutely sure there is nothing more than what we see? Maybe there is something beyond our world. Something we may not be able to see physically, but can only be seen with our spiritual eyes open.

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