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Tedashi : Identity Crisis

Confession time. I like R&B and Rap music. Yep. Boyz II Men. Tupac. etc.

Sometimes I say to people that I used to like it during high school, but the truth is, I still like it! I like the beats, the harmonies, the poetry and the jive talk. BUT I came to the point where I couldn’t listen to too much rap music because it wasn’t the best stuff to be filling my head with. I also realised that singing along to ‘I’ll make love to you’ wasn’t the most edifying gear for me to be singing as a single Christian dude.


This week I’ve been listening to a rap album that’s really good AND a lot more edifying for my ears and my soul. TedashiiIdentity Crisis. The album comes out on Tuesday (American Time). Tedashii is a Christian rapper (homies with Lecrae and the Reach Records crew). Here’s the thing. Christian Rap is often C-Rap. But for Tedashii, it’s actually good. Well produced. Not lame. He’s got cred. Creative lyrics. Good beats. Great R&B loops. Sweet R&B singers. Encouraging. (I often use the word encouraging, but I’ve been really encouraged by this album!)

So much of African-American hip-hop culture is about identity. Cars. Cash. Bling. Women. Alcohol. Status. Ripped abs. Gangs. Violence. Identity Crisis is brilliant in the way it re-thinks the idea of identity for the Christian. The identity theme flows throughout the album. Created in the image of God. Fallen. Adopted. Now part of a community. The album has a clear picture of the gospel of Jesus’ death and resurrection and the new identity that belongs to those that believe in Him.

Two of my fav tracks: Hollywood which is Tedashii’s testimony; and Make War which kicks off with a snippet of a John Piper sermon about making war against sin in your life.

This album is the goods. If you’re a young Christian dude into rap – check this gear out – it’s good and will encourage you. If you’re a parent or youth leader who’s got young crew into rap, buy them the album to help them think about their identity.

Tedashii’s MySpace | Reach Records | Buy album in iTunes