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Song Review - Black and Gold by Sam Sparro

What looks like a simple song black and gold and the stars in the sky but it is anything but simple and makes some bold claims about our universe.

now i’m looking for a reason why
you even set my world into motion
‘cause if you’re not really here
then the stars don’t even matter
now i’m filled to the top with fear
but it’s all just a bunch of matter
‘cause if you’re not really here
then i don’t want to be either
i wanna be next to you
black and gold

Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold describes a vivid picture of bright gold stars against the backdrop of a black night sky. Then the song takes an interesting turn, as the singer asks ‘what is the point of having these stars (and the rest of the universe) if there isn’t a creator?’.

Sparro then makes a bold claim - if God doesn’t exist he doesn’t want to exist either! Doesn’t that sound depressing? Maybe, but what’s the alternative? A creator brings meaning to the creation. For us, it means we have a purpose. Without a creator, we have no purpose and we’re just a bunch of matter.

Secondly, the song highlights one of the key flaws of the argument that says ‘show me God and I’ll believe’. We all believe in things we haven’t seen (oxygen, wind etc) so if vision is the only validation then many other things wouldn’t be validated either.

Thirdly, keep thinking about the colours black and gold and what they represent. I think it’s more than just the sky and the stars - what about you?