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PC vs Mac: Nobody Wins

When loving your computer is not loving your neighbour

There’s a good chance you’re reading this article either on a Windows based PC or on a Mac. For years, these two computer platforms have dominated the industry. Chances are you’re either a PC user or a Mac user. Rarely do the two overlap. It’s not uncommon to find people who are very passionate about their choice of computer. The kind of passion that leads to friendly rivalry. But lately I’m no longer convinced that this rivalry is friendly.

It’s a war.

And it’s a war we shouldn’t be fighting.

I’m a PC user. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to buy a new computer. I carefully weighed up my options. I looked at the pros and cons of purchasing a PC or a Mac. And I made my decision. I bought a bright, shiny red PC. It made me happy.

When I posted my happy news on Facebook, I received two types of comments. On one side were people asking me questions about the specs of my new computer, sharing in my joy. On the other side were Mac users. Their responses made me feel like I was less than human being for purchasing a PC. That I was uncultured, ill-informed, and that I was very, very unwise. It made me feel like I wanted to take my happy news and hide it somewhere that no one could find it.

Some people are just so devoted to their Mac or PC that I don’t think they realise the affect their brand loyalty has on people. I have been guilty of making anti-Mac statements in the past. When a friend’s Mac breaks down or has a software problem (yes Mac users, this does happen), I have made statements that haven’t been helpful. That’s not loving. Same thing when Mac users tell someone who’s just lost the essay that they’ve been writing on their PC that it wouldn’t have happened if they’d had a Mac.

Christians are called to love their neighbour (Mark 12:31). And yes, your neighbour may be a PC or Mac user. If you’re a PC user, you need to love the Mac guy. Same to you Mac guys. I don’t think we realise how big a problem this is.

Here’s what I’m going to do about it. I’m no longer going to make any disparaging remark about another operating system. I’m going to love the Mac user. I’m going to engage the Mac user in discussion about their computer, asking questions and listening to their replies. I’m not going to put down their computer to make me feel better about mine. And I want you all out there to help me. Keep an eye on me. Rebuke me when I fail in this. Because God calls me to love my neighbour. And I don’t think this PC/Mac divide is helping me do that.

Here’s your challenge. Do you need to change your approach to the PC/Mac issue? Have you been guilty of being a PC or Mac Snob? Is there some other thing you’re being unloving about, like your favourite sports team, the type of music you listen to, your style of clothes? If so, stop now. How are you showing love to your neighbour?

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