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Marley and Me

by fervreditor

You might have been thinking about going to see Marley and Me, but then caught a glimpse of the TV ads for it and thought – another box office flop. Don’t let the poor advertising fool you, it is actually a fantastic movie.
Owen Wilson plays John Grogan, a journalist, newly married to Jennifer (Jen Aniston). John suspects his wife wants to start trying to have a baby, so he instead buys her a Labrador.

However, the dog he ends up getting happens to have a few issues – think ADHD times a billion!

The movie doesn’t really have a story line with twists and complications as such, as it is the story of John and Jennifer as they start their family, with Marley being the first addition.  The couple share highs and lows throughout the movie and Marley often adds quite a bit of humour along the way.

The only thing I would have to say against seeing this movie is it’s not a “ha ha” comedy like Get Smart or Dodgeball.  It would be more suited to, and enjoyed by, anyone maybe 16/17 years old and up, mainly because of the issues that the Grogan family are faced with.  

But on a refreshing note, unlike a lot of similar movies, there is no “other woman” hitting on John Grogan.  You know the movies I mean – where the couple have a fight and the next scene the man is tempted by some young woman looking for a good time…, none of that in this, which was great.

When you do go to watch this movie, pay close attention to the final scene when John Grogan starts to narrate, because it is quite interesting how this man views his best friend Marley.  It got me thinking about how God doesn’t discriminate or show favouritism, but loves each and every person equally – enough to send His son to die for theirs and our own sin.  My prayer is we all would have the same attitude as God, to see past race, wealth, health, and whatever else stands in our way of showing God’s love to all people.

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