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Make the most of the Cross: Book Review

A great introduction to some big theological truths in an easy-to-read package.

Why is the resurrection important?

A few years ago, a friend and I were writing a kids' talk for a church service. We wanted my puppet orangutan to tell the kids why the resurrection was so important. And we paused. We both knew that the resurrection was important, but we were struggling to put into words WHY it was important. I'm sure if we had a copy of John Chapman's book Making The Most of The Cross at hand back then, we wouldn't have been struggling. Because this is a great resource that clearly explains some big truths.

Easy to read, hard to put down

Making The Most of The Cross is a book that looks at both the death and resurrection of Jesus. These two events are at the heart of Christianity, yet we can find them difficult to wrap our brains around. Chapman's book is easy to read, and takes a close look at Jesus' death and resurrection and clearly explains why you should care. Each chapter looks at a different topic, such as Jesus' death turns away God's anger or Jesus' resurrection removes our fear of death. To give you an idea of how easy this is to read, each chapter is about four pages long. No matter what you reading level is, this is a very readable book.

While this book is accessible and very readable, it means it's not an in depth book on theology. If you've read a lot of theology books, you will find this book too simple a treatment. But if you're just starting out with your theological reading, or looking for help sharing these big ideas in a simple way, this is a great book to pick up

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