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Katy Perry : One of the boys

Image: Katy Perry : One of the boys

When I first heard Katy Perry's single I kissed a girl on the radio I wanted to hate it.

The song just seemed deliberately controversial. The idea of drinking too much and then cheating on her boyfriend by kissing a nameless girl (and claiming it’s all innocent) irritated me. What irritated me more though, was when I found myself singing along to it.

I didn’t want to like the song, I didn’t want to like Katy Perry but here I am after hearing her follow up singles Hot n cold and One of the boys getting a copy of the album.

Musically this 12 track album is good. The melodies are catchy, there’s enough hooks to keep you listening and the production is great. Lyrically, the first track One of the boys is great with its narrative approach and soundtrack feel and Hot n cold is well written showing the impact of half heartedness in a relationship. Tracks such as Mannequin, and If you can afford me however, make it sound as if Perry is looking for something more in life.

She seems angry, and like a lot of us, is turning to other relationships in an effort to find meaning and value in her life.

My favourite track Lost describes the feeling of not knowing where you are heading in life and trying to find some meaning or purpose. Perry asks ‘Have you ever been so lost, known the way and still so lost?’ This question seems to make sense of the whole album.

I look forward to hearing the next album to see where all the searching has led her.


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