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Jake Sully vs Jesus

The similarities and differences between the hero of Avatar, and the saviour of the world

Well, I finally got to see Avatar, and I liked it. I know the story line is basically Fern Gully meets Lion King 2, but it was a visually spectacular ride.


One part of the story did get me thinking. On Pandora, as an Avatar, Jake Sully experienced a much more liberating and enjoyable life, free from the restraints of being in a wheel-chair. By the end of the movie, the fact that Jake had become one of the Na’vi (a Na’vian?) meant that he could help and save the Na’vi. Of course, this was not “plan A”. But when Jake came to the Na’vi he grew to understand and appreciate its way of life, he fell in love with the place (and the girl), he was eventually embraced by the Na’vi as one of their own, and so he switched to “plan B”.


Jake Sully got me thinking about Jesus. When Jesus came to planet Earth, he didn’t experience a more liberating and enjoyable life. Quite the opposite! He had to give up some of his “freedoms” of being God and be “restrained” by a human body (check out Philippians 2:5-8).


When Christ came to Planet Earth he was not embraced by the “locals”, rather he was rejected, abused, mocked and crucified by them (check out John 1:10-11).


And yet, this was all part of the plan to help and save this world. This was “plan A” for Jesus coming to earth. Jesus didn’t just “fall in love” with the world when he arrived. Jesus loved the world before he came into the world, even though he knew the world hated Him. It was always “plan A”, from before the creation of the world, for Jesus to came into this world to seek and save the lost (check out Luke 19:10). And He did this by giving up his own life for the sins of the world and then rising back to life again.


And because Jesus did become “one of us”, he understands us and can help us when we are struggling and hurting (check out Hebrews 4:14-16).


Jake Sully had to divide his life between being human and being an Avatar. And, of course, Jake isn’t real! Amazingly, Jesus is fully God and fully man at the same time. And, of course, Jesus is real! Jesus is the Christ, or Messiah, the God/man who deserves your allegiance, praise, respect and worship.


So come to Jesus to be saved and come to Jesus when you are struggling and hurting. Call out to Him in prayer. Reach out to Him as you read about Him in the Bible.


For we “ava” great Messiah in Jesus.


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