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Is it right to see One Direction in concert?

All of our decisions have consequences. Have you thought them through?

So you missed out on a ticket to see One Direction live in Sydney next weekend... if so, it's hardly a surprise, given that they sold out in only three minutes.

But the good news (if you're a fan) is that this boy band phenomenon of 2012 is rumoured to be returning to Australia for extra concerts later this year.

But before you grab your parent's credit card and head online to buy tickets, it's a good time to stop and ask yourself the question: is it right to go to the One Direction concert?

To help you work out this crucial dilemma facing humanity, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

1. Do you actually like them?

Dumb question, I know, but if you don't really like them, then why would you bother spending a hundred dollars or more on a ticket and an over-priced T-shirt?

Maybe you might want to go because you'd like to see your friends scream and faint. But don't just go because it's popular. Don't do three shifts at McDonald's just to pay to see a band you don't love.

Throughout life you're going to be pressured to part with your hard earned money for all sorts of things. Be wise, and make sure you spend your money on things you really find valuable.

2. Do you have the money?

Next, do you actually have any money to spend? If you don't, then are you prepared to go into debt to pay for it? Are you happy to give up a future birthday or Christmas present in return for the concert ticket?

There's real pressure in life to go into debt, but it's not always healthy to do that. Many people get into terrible credit card debt because they don't have the discipline to save up for things before they buy them.

It's a good discipline to learn to save your money for things before you spend it, unless it's for an asset like a car or a house.

3. Are you generous?

Might be a funny thing to ask when we're discussing a boy band gig, but if you're prepared to spend lots of money on entertainment, then you need to ask yourself if you are generous with your money.

You might think that only adults with big, regular incomes should give money towards gospel ministry and charities. But that's not right.

Everything we've got is given to us by our generous heavenly Father, and if you know what it's like to have been given the gift of eternal life, then you'll want to be generous with the money you've been given.

If you've spent all your money on mobile phones and clothing and concert tickets, then maybe you need to re-think how much you give to the youth ministry in your local church?

4. Are you committing idolatry?

It might sound a little extreme, but a reason to not go to the concert might be that in doing so, you will be committing idolatry.

Maybe you're worshiping the five boys like gods or idols? Or maybe you're wanting to head off to the concert to enjoy the experience of a pagan temple, with its sounds, smells and sights?

There's nothing wrong with having a fun night out, but if deep down you think that the night is going to bring you to heaven where you can escape the trials of your life, then you're probably trusting in five Justin Biebers more than you're trusting in Jesus.

5. Would you need to cancel something important?

If it's on Friday night or Sunday night, then you've got to ask yourself if it's right to miss out on youth group or church to go to the concert.

What does it tell your friends and family about what you think is important? Who will miss out being encouraged and served by you at your Christian group if you skip it to go to hear One Direction?

6. What are you waiting for?

If you've carefully and prayerfully thought about all these things, then go and buy a ticket and have a great time. God gave Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis their good voices (and good looks), so enjoy this part of his creation, and be thankful to him for what he's given you!