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Inside Out: Viewing Guide

Pixar's latest film asks the question 'what happens when our emotions run wild?'

Who’s It For?

Recommended Viewing age: young children and up.

What’s it about?

Inside Out tells the story of 11 year-old Riley from the perspective of her five main emotions: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness. Her family move to San Francisco, during which Sadness begins to affect more of Riley’s actions. Matters become worse when Joy and Sadness are lost in the depths of Riley’s mind leaving Anger, Disgust and Fear to run the show while the other two emotions must work together to get back to Headquarters. 

What are the big ideas?

Some of the major themes include:

-Emotional wellbeing and mental health

-The role of joy and sadness on our lives.

-The impact of change in our lives

What to think about

Pixar are well known for making movies that not only entertain but also deal with real emotional content. Inside Out offers young viewers an insightful and honest look into growing up, mental health and the role of our emotions. As Riley struggles with her new life in a new place she sinks into depression.

Parents and leaders should use viewing the film as an opportunity to have honest discussions about the role of our emotions, particularly the virtues of sadness and the true meaning of joy that we ultimately find in Jesus.


-What is the role of sadness? Can it be benefit us in any way?

-How does the film depict Joy? Is it the same joy that we find in Jesus?

What we thought

Pixar once again prove they are at the top of the animation food chain with Inside Out. It’s imaginative, whimsical and funny but doesn’t shy away from opportunities to get serious and deal with real personal struggles. Director Peter Docter (Up, Wall-E) manages to create a vibrant and colourful world in which to explore important emotional truths in a way young children can understand without simplifying them. Just like the rest of Pixar’s catalogue, Inside Out offers plenty to adults too including a few moments that have Toy Story 3 potential to make grown men cry. Highly recommend.

4 ½ out of 5