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Hope For A Shattered World

A new and very helpful resource for high school scripture and lunchtime groups.

Teaching high school Scripture” there’s a list of questions I expect to hear at least once every 2.5 seconds from students:

Who made God?
Why does God let bad things happen?
Hasn’t science disproved God?
Why is the Bible against gay people?

And I’m sure you can think of many more. I’ve always found it helpful to take some time to go through the opening chapters of Genesis to show the students from God’s Word why things are the way they are. If only I’d had a copy of Hope For A Shattered World. That would have made my life much easier.

Simon Smart has prepared 8 studies primarily aimed at year 11-12 students covering Genesis 1-11. They cover a lot of the big questions that teenagers are asking about the world they live in and point them back to a Biblical framework. And as someone who thinks of themselves as a visual learner I appreciate that not only are there a stack of pictures in the work book but that there are options to include other media like movies.

While this is designed for senior students the framework is solid enough to use for younger students. With a bit of tweaking it could be appropriate to use with students as young as year 6. With modifications it could even be used at a lunch time group or Church youth group - some of the suggested extra activities would definitely lend themselves to this.

Hope For A Shattered World is part of a great range of high school scripture materials produced by CEP that are very much worth checking out. Visit www.youthworks.net for more.

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