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He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me.

Boys - don't bother. This impressive little book is just for the ladies

This is a little book published by the Bible Society, with commentary by Lesley Ramsay.

Who is this book for?

Well, one look at the frilly cover and floral decorations gives the game away. This book is written by women for women (well, except for Luke’s bit, that is). The theme is romance - not the sort of romance where you’re swept off your feet by that hot guy. It’s all about the extraordinary man, Jesus. It’s about the divine romance between God and his people. That’s a worthwhile read.

The book contains four parts. The key section is part 2, which is a copy of the Gospel of Luke (Good News version). Around that are sections that introduce Jesus (part 1), that talk about important ideas in Luke’s gospel (part 3), and that challenge the reader to take Jesus seriously (part 4). Every chapter is short and to the point. The style is very chatty.

The Good:

This is a great package to give to girls who are readers. There are powerful testimonies from two women who speak about the influence Jesus has on their lives. There are great short chapters bringing out key issues for women relating to Jesus. The story of Jesus speaks for itself, and the Good News version of Luke is easy to read.

After the Gospel section, there’s a “Did you notice?” section that goes through key themes like sin, forgiveness, death, Jesus’ attitude to women, and Jesus’ extraordinary life, death and resurrection. They’re also easy to read, and are very helpful. Then there’s a great challenge for people to not just think about Jesus, but to take Him seriously and actually do something. This is one of the best evangelistic resources I’ve seen for women in a long time.

The… well…

There’s not much wrong with this book. In fact, the only downside for Fervr readers is that it’s possibly aimed at a slightly older age group than high schoolers. There’s a chapter that talks about The Da Vinci Code, too, which is slightly dated by now. But apart from that, this is a fantastic resource to give to your Mum, your teachers, or any woman who likes to read and who doesn’t know Jesus. If you’re looking for something to give to girls in Year 8, though, you might need a different resource. Then again, you might find it’s just right for some of them!

‘He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me’ is a great little book, even if you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t like frilly stuff. Personally, I’ll be grabbing a few more copies of this book. There’s some women I know who might find this very helpful…