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5 Christian songs you need to know

Let these songs of praise and worship fill your heart and mind.

The book of Psalms calls us to sing to the Lord.

But we don't have to wait until Sundays to do it! 

There's loads of awesome Christian music out there that will get you singing, praising and calling out to God every day of the week.

Here are five uplifiting songs from top Chrisitan artists. Check them out. Let them fill you up with God's love. 

No Longer Slaves—Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

If you're struggling with addiction. Listen to this song, it's a reminder that God is bigger than your sin. 

You Say—Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle is Adele's long lost sister... at least, that's what it sounds like. Her new album 'Look up Child' is really worth a listen. She's my personal favourite on this list. 

All the Poor and Powerless—All Sons & Daughters

If you're feeling weak and weighed down by the world, this song is for you. You can cry hallelujah in the midst of trials.

P.S. All Sons & Daughters know how to build a big bridge.

P.P.S. By bridge, I mean the bridge of a song...not one for cars.

Live set—The Oh Hellos

Boy oh boy. This live set is worth watching. They're anthemic folk rock sets a fire in my heart. They're album, 'Dear Wormwood' is based on C.S. Lewis' book, 'The Screwtape letters'. It's worth listening to. On repeat. 

Dreams—Rivers & Robots

The array of sounds that these guys play around with is so much fun. The lyrics encourage us to praise God for his goodness to us. Also, isn't their band name awesome?!?


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