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Five apps to help you share Jesus

Thanks to mobile technology, sharing the gospel has never been easier.

The gospel of Jesus is unchanging. People throughout all cultures and all times need to hear that Jesus is the King of the Universe, who came to deal with their sin at the cross and calls all to follow him. However, while the message is unchanging, every technological advancement brings new opportunities to share this message in different ways. The progress has gone something like this:

  • Word of mouth
  • Printing press
  • Radio
  • Television
  • The Internet
  • Mobile Apps 

With mobile technology, it’s now possible to always be equipped to share the good news of Jesus. And here's five apps to help you do that today...

1. Two ways to live

Two Ways To Live - in my opinion - is the best gospel outline out there. Matthias Media's 2WTL outline shares the good news of Jesus within the framework of the storyline of the Bible. The iPad PLUS version is also really useful; as well as the gospel outline, it has videos answering common questions and video testimonies. Find out more here.

2. One life

one life

There are lots of great courses that churches around the world use to introduce people to the message of Jesus. Christianity Explored is one of the best and they have done a great job making the One Life resources available. We use this one at my church. It includes answers to tough questions, a summary of the message of Christianity, real life stories and the ability to find Christianity Explored courses being held around the world! Available for both iOS and Android.

3. The Story


I've only recently discovered this one. The Story is a great outline tracing the storyline of the Bible through Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration. It also has some useful stats on tracking where your link has been shared. Apps for iOS and Android.

4. yes HE is


yesHEis are doing some great work around the world in deliberately sharing Jesus with people and helping to follow up those who respond. This app helps Christians to share videos easily via social media. They curate videos from all over the world and also produce some great gospel content of their own. Apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

5. The Jesus Film

The Jesus Film was made in 1979 and has been seen a ridiculous number of times and many have come to put their trust in Jesus after watching it. It basically follows the text of Luke's Gospel. The app includes a stack of different languages as well as some newer videos worth checking out. They also have some videos put together for the FIFA World Cup. Apps for iOS and Android.

Two more ideas ...

Jesus Epic Story - this isn't an app, but these videos I produced with Australia's Bible Society are mobile enabled and are a great tool to help someone read through the whole of Mark's Gospel.

The Search - this is also not an app, but are 7 great videos that answer common questions about Christianity. Likewise, they work well on a mobile device.

Are there any others you can suggest?

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