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Fervr’s top Christmas videos 2018

We compiled some of our favourite Christmas videos on Fervr - jump in and take a look!

Top Christmas videos

Looking for some inspirational Christmas videos this year?

Sit back and relax, we've got you covered with Fervr's top Christmas videos of 2018.

Over the last few years, these are the videos that have grabbed the attention and hearts of our readers. We hope you like them too!

Let's get started...

The Christmas Scale

The best news in the world is just 8 notes on a piano. Click to find out how it works!

Read The Christmas Scale

The Christmas Mystery

Why would the Creator of the cosmos choose to become one of us?

Read The Christmas Mystery

Four kinds of Christmas

Which one are you?

Read Four kinds of Christmas

He came for you!

A simple video to remind you why Jesus turned up at Christmas.

Read He came for you!

Love Came Down

Check out this spoken word poem about the power of Christmas.

Read Love Came Down

We Have a Saviour

Be reminded what Christmas is actually all about!

Read We Have a Saviour


Retelling the classic story through Instagram pics

Read InstaChristmas

Christmas: fact or fiction?

A video you can share with friends and family who doubt the truth of Christmas.

Read Christmas: fact or fiction?

Retooning the nativity

Think you know the Christmas story? Think again.

Read Retooning the nativity

Video: Jesus’ Birthday

What does Jesus want at Christmas?

Read Video: Jesus’ Birthday

A Social Network Christmas

What the original Christmas would have been like if Facebook was around

Read A Social Network Christmas

Video: God showed up!

This Christmas, be amazed by the God who came among us

Read Video: God showed up!

Santa and Jesus

A video about the similarities and differences between the two bearded men of Christmas

Read Santa and Jesus

Google Earth Christmas

Animated version of the nativity story as described by Luke

Read Google Earth Christmas