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Fervr’s top 5 articles of 2013!

We take a look back at what you clicked on in our biggest year so far.

We are very blessed at Fervr to have a fantastic team of volunteer writers from across the globe. While some articles end up being shared more than others, we love every piece we published and are deeply grateful for the time our writers spend crafting their material. But today we're all about the most viewed articles on Fervr, so without further ado, here they are ...

1. 8 ways to stop going to church without anyone noticing

This article really caused a reaction, as author Ed Surrey used a tongue-in-cheek style to address the serious problem of young people giving up on church. Click here to read.

2. What Christian guys want girls to know

This was paired with another well-clicked article from the female perspective (see below), and both pieces reinforced that when you looking for a Christian partner, godliness and a firm trust in Jesus is of utmost importance. Click here to read.

3. God has a job for you

There are many who think the only way to serve God with your work is by becoming a full time church leader. This helpful article looks at how God can use your skills and love for Him, no matter what job you end up doing. Click here to read.

4. 'Listen to your heart' is bad advice

It's a message we hear over and over, but this counter-cultural article shows us why our hearts aren't always the best guides when it comes to making decisions. Click here to read.

5. What Christian girls want guys to know

We know there are a lot of guys who find girls difficult to work out. This article is a really helpful and clear message from a Christian girl about what guys need to know about what they most value. Click here to read.

Thanks to all our contributors and readers for supporting Fervr throughout 2013. With your support, we're looking forward to an even bigger 2014!