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Fervr Podcast: Episode One!

Now you can not only read Fervr, you can listen to us too!

  • Want to know what's been happening on Fervr recently?
  • Want to hear interviews with some inspiring Christian youth leaders?
  • Want to get answers to those tough questions about God, Jesus, the Bible and Christianity?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the Fervr podcast is just what you're looking for!

Our host for the Fervr podcasts is none other than regular Fervr contributor Mitch Miller. Mitch has years of experience working with teens, speaking at events, and getting people excited about Jesus! 

We'll also be including a regular spot from well-known author and apologist, Sean McDowell. In each episode, Sean will take a look at some of the hardest questions Christians face, and share his insights and answers. It's worth listening to the podcast for this section alone, as it will help equip you to answer your own questions, and speak to your friends with confidence about Jesus.

We've added a new button to the right, with links to the podcast on iTunes, and to the RSS feed. Check the link regularly for new episodes. 

Click here to listen to Episode One now!

If you'd like to give your feedback on the podcast, send us a message!


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