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Faith: Bryson Smith

Need help with faith? This little book could be a big help.

“And without faith it is impossible to please God” Hebrews 11:6a

That kinda makes “faith” really, really, really important, doesn’t it? Do you know what true faith is? Are you living a life of faith? Are you pleasing God with your faith? If you are not sure, then “Faith: it’s always been a matter of trust” by Bryson Smith is a must read.

“Faith” is a great little book (only about 100 small pages) that clearly explains what faith is: its essence, its power and its purpose. It also fleshes out what a life of faith looks like and what the enemies of faith are (with some helpful insights on sex and money). Lastly, the book looks at Jesus, the founder and perfector of faith. I found this book easy to read, but also full of profound, life changing truths.

“Faith” will help you grow in your understanding of faith and grow in you ability to live your faith out, to the praise and glory of God. That alone should be enough incentive to read this book.

 “You can trust the Lord too little, but you can’t trust him too much” Hudson Taylor