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Dark Knight – Too Dark?

by fervreditor

The Dark Knight is a dark movie about a dark villain with a very dark outlook on life. It was a brilliant piece of movie making, and highly entertaining. But what I found disturbing was – after walking out of the Dark Knight, I felt dark too. I definitely walked out of the cinema feeling a little more depressed than when I went in.

Like most action movies, there were plenty of guns, knives and senseless violence in the Dark Knight. However, I think the reason the movie really got under my skin was the Joker’s warped outlook on the world, and his complete lack of conscience. Then again, maybe what affected me even more was the way the audience seemed to cheer on such a disturbing character. In our cinema, people actually clapped when the Joker stabbed a guy right through the eye.

It got me wondering – how do movies like this affect you?

What positive impact could this movie have in my life or in anyone else’s?  Or is that the wrong question to ask – should I just consider it entertainment and move on. What do you think? Should movies only have a positive message, or are you happy for movies to just reflect all of the problems in the world today? If so, can movies go too far? Are there movies you don’t watch because they make you feel a certain way? Do you think it’s wrong for Christians to see violent movies? These are all questions I’m asking myself at the moment – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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