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Bring you praise - Trevor Hodge

Emotionally and theologically satisfying music!

Trevor Hodge has been writing praise and worship songs for over 10 years. In the past 12 months, I’ve been to a number of events where Trev has led the congregation in singing, ranging from 20 people to 400 people. In both contexts he’s effective in taking the spotlight off himself and directing it toward Jesus through uplifting songs.

Bring You Praise is a fantastic album that also directs the listener toward Jesus. The album achieves something that many others in this genre fail to achieve: emotional AND theological engagement. That is; lots of albums are brilliant musically, but lack theological richness; while other albums are theologically rich, but lack in their ability to engage emotionally.

One of the striking features of Bring You Praise is the centrality of the gospel throughout the album from beginning to end. The death, resurrection and return of Jesus are themes that are returned to again and again.

The album kicks off with He Has Risen, an upbeat rock song proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It’s then taken up a notch into a driving number, Bring You Praise, with a clear call for Christians to live Spirit empowered lives in response to the good news of Jesus. It then progresses on a musical journey with a mix of pop, rock, acoustic and ballady (is that a word?) tunes. One of my favourite songs is You Loved Me, a re(and better)arrangement of his 1990s classic on God’s crazy love for people expressed through Jesus.

Not a Christian? Check out this, this and this for more info on the crazy love of God.

Christian? Get hold of Bring You Praise. Buy it in iTunes or get it from Trev’s website.

Involved in music ministry? Try and sing some of these puppies in your churches!!! The site also has some really sweet resources including music charts and some vids of Trev teaching you to cut sick!