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5 albums to listen to after Kanye’s Jesus is King

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Last week Kanye West dropped his much anticipated album and the internet went crazy. Well at least in my Facebook feed, lots of Christian friends are sharing pictures of the blue album, articles about it and Kanye and links of it from Spotify. I only knew Kanye West with some of his song playing on MTV and his infamous Taylor Swift episode. But him having a Christian album is something I should check out.

I gave Jesus is King a spin on Spotify and I can say it’s a pretty good album. It’s bold album that lets you peek on what Kanye West's spiritual journey has so far and as he raps over Hands On, the reaction of Christians on his recent conversion to Christianity. Still he will push through for his one and only King.

Now one might ask, what should I listen to after enjoying Jesus is King? Well here are five recommendations that I think will further help feed the fire for more Christian music and proclaiming Christ. 

Five Points of Calvinism/Aaron Ventura – The title of this 5 song EP is pretty straight forward. As Jesus is King is littered with some doctrinal bits, I think you might as well go for a hip hop album that ventures into explaining the doctrine of grace.

The doctrine of grace is foundational in understanding how God saves according to the Bible. A mash up of what is the doctrine of grace, answering some objections and with a sprinkle of personal experience, Aaron Ventura’s Five Points of Calvinism is a must listen hip hop album if you want to grasp this essential teaching of the Bible.

Stand-out tracks: All of it.

Lyrical Theology Pt. 1: Theology /Shai Lianne – While Aaron Ventura’s EP focuses on the doctrine of grace, this album by rap artist Shai Lianne elaborates it more and tackles other biblical teachings that are important to the Christian faith. Songs about the deity of Jesus, Holy Spirit, regeneration and more, done in solid hip hop fashion. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned saint knowing these truths will help you know God and yourself.

Listening to Lyrical Theology Pt. 1: Theology, will open the listener (and even Kanye!) to the fact that the Bible presents who God really is and His redemptive work. And these truths are what we ought to believe, live and teach to others.  Shai Lianne breaks down these doctrines in every song in this album that will leave you stoked.

Stand-out tracks: Millennium, Regeneration, Theology Q & A

Instruments of Mercy/ Beautiful Eulogy – Fresh from its debut album, Satellite Kite, a trio from Portland, dishes out an album that is stronger that the first one. Beautiful Eulogy takes on the theme of God’s mercy throughout this excellent album. As the only means that we are saved, God’s mercy should be a prized possession of the Christian.

Through brilliant and thought provoking lyricism and Courtland Urbano’s exceptional beats, the listener will be enraptured on the different ways God’s mercy touches every part of the Christian experience. Yes Jesus is King, but it is only by God’s mercy that we are able to see Him as King.  This album reminds us this.

Stand-out tracks: Vital Lens, Instruments of Mercy, Signs and Symbols

Excellent/ Propaganda  – Excellent is a superb album that encourages the Christians to raise the bar or as the album title suggests, be excellent.  Propaganda, with his arsenals of spoken word, rapping chops and a stellar cast of artists to back up his album (much like Jesus is King), dives in to personal and societal issues.

If you feel for Kanye’s struggle on Follow God and Closed on Sundays, Propaganda tells his own tales of walking in the Christian life in this album. The struggle is real for both rappers and us ordinary Christians. Excellent is relatable to everyone who is going through struggles while keeping your eyes to Christ. That is the only hope for our shortcomings.

Stand-out tracks: Raise the Banner, Conquer, Forgive Me For Asking

Becoming Who We Are/Kings Kaleidoscope - If Jesus is King leaves you wanting to praise our God, then check out Kings Kaleidocope’s Becoming Who We Are. King Kaleidoscope may not be a rap group, but this 10 piece band from Seattle mash with hip hop, electronic, woodwind, strings and math rock, so you've got yourself a genre bending collection of pure awesomeness.

Becoming Who We Are will leave you dancing, head banging, and singing along as the record will sweep you off through its infectious lyrics and beats. Its epic 17 tracks are a no holds barred praise to God that brings you in awe of God.

Stand-out tracks: Glorious, 139, Zion

Whether you’re a Christian curious about all the hype about Kanye being born again or someone who is into Kanye West and wants to sample some Christian music, you’ll find these artists and their outstanding albums worth a listen. 

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