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4 Christian websites you need to visit!

Forget Google, start right here for the best sites on the internet

How quickly things change.  12 years ago (when I was 16) my family got dial up internet installed and at that point not many people I knew had any idea what ‘Google’ was, let alone that it was something you could ‘do’.

Now 12 years later, our broadband seems too slow and using ‘Google’ seems like a normal daily occurrence for most people under the age of 60.  The internet has become a place of endless websites, many with conflicting and contrasting views or opinions on the same topic, and it can be hard work sorting through them all to find something reliable. 

Below are a couple of websites which in my opinion each have great content in regards to various things relating to Christianity.

Biblegateway.com – Need to look up a bible verse quickly while you’re on the net? Well Bible gateway is for you. Has all your favourite versions (NIV, ESV etc) plus many versions that are not so popular. It offers a key word search which is great if you need to find all the places in the Bible where a single word appears. Biblegateway.com also makes it easy to compare different Bible versions to see how they differ. I use it heaps, its quick and really easy to use.

Bibleplaces.com – If you’re interested in knowing what all the places that you read about in the Bible look like today, then this website is for you. Bibleplaces.com has everything from Bethlehem (where Jesus was born) to the wilderness (Where the Israelites wandered for 40 years). It’s a great site for seeing areas where people like Moses, David, Jesus and Paul lived, travelled and spoke.

Christianity.net.au – has answeres to lots of great questions (some examples are…’Is it ok to attend more than one church?’, ‘Has science disproved God?’ and ‘what is the meaning of life?’), and also has reviews on movies, books and society from a Christian perspective that are interesting and engaging. It’s a great site that is easy to get around and I definitely think you should check it out.

Monergism.com – Looking for something more meaty? Then Monergism is the place to go. Monergism could be especially helpful if you’re a leader or someone who wants to look into what people (both past and present) have said and written about topics like…’free will’ or the ‘Trinity’. This site has heaps of information, essays & articles, links to other sites & multimedia. Want to buy a book on theology? You can do it here. Monorgism.com is great if you are a leader and want to get your teeth into what biblical writers and speakers have and are saying on various topics. A great site, but definitely not for the faint hearted.