Unshakable Fervr book
Unshakable Fervr book

When should I start dating?
Is it OK for Christians to drink alcohol?
How do I tell my friends about Jesus?
Do I need to go to church?
What job does God want me to do?

Unshakable answers some of the biggest questions facing teens and young people today.
Inside the book, you’ll find straightforward, Bible-based advice to help you live for Jesus every day, with every decision! Featuring 56 articles from over 30 authors, Unshakable brings you the best of fervr.net in a handy guidebook for teens and young adults as you explore life, relationships and the future.




Unshakable features articles from Fervr.net, an award-winning Christian website, with thousands of articles, videos and resources to help young people follow Jesus. Written by over 30 authors including Dave Miers, Kristen Young, Mike Everett, Ronnie Campbell and Andy Judd and edited by Richard Beeston.

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Elizabeth Neale
Allison Redd
Kevin Chan
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