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you: an introduction

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The perfect book for the 'me, me, me' generation.

You don’t have to look too far to realise that “life is all about me”. Here is the most recent addition to my collection of me-centred narcissistic paraphernalia (look that one up kids!).

It’s a t-shirt. A week after I photographed the t-shirt on the rack, I saw some crack pot actually wearing it at the local mega-plex shopping centre!

But I’m not so stupid to believe that the world really revolves around me? Am I? Are you? Often I am. Often you are. The problem is: we hear this message so often, that we actually start to believe it.

It’s into this context that Michael Jensen has written a book called you: an introduction. It might sound like it’s a book all about you. It is. And it isn’t.

It is.

Jensen’s book is all about you in that it addresses key questions that YOU are thinking through. Who are YOU? Why do YOU exist? What are YOU supposed to be like? It covers subjects such as your life, your death and everything in between. Freedom. Sexuality. Status. Friends. Body piercing. Tattoos. Stuff. Dreams. Jensen is sharp with his understanding of culture and how YOU fit in.

And it isn’t.

Ultimately the book isn’t about you. Jensen helps the reader to lift their gaze and see that life is ultimately about Jesus. Jesus is like YOU, but he’s also different from YOU. It’s in understanding Jesus and the life he offers beyond the grave that YOU can really understand your own life.

The book was originally blogged. Some of the comments from that original blog have been included at the end of each chapter. It’s a good feature. He’s currently working on a new book via a similar blog: HIM - an introduction - go leave a comment… you might make the next one when it’s published!

This is a well-written and enjoyable book which effectively engages with pop culture, YOU and Jesus. Who should read it? Senior high to 20-somethings. Grab a copy - have a read… you might even pass it onto your friends who don’t yet know Jesus. I’m sure they’ll love the title!

Get your hands on a copy: YOU in Australia | YOU in the UK | YOU in the US | Free download of cover, contents, introduction and first chapter. (PDF)

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