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Will you let the lights go out after Christmas?

The Christmas lights get turned off in January, one Light continues!

Christmas lights are one of my favourite things about Christmas, getting to turn the tree on each evening and have the soft glow of the lights fill the room, or getting to drive around the neighbourhood and see all the houses bright with lights. It’s pretty sad when January rolls around and it’s time to pack away the tree and all the decorations.

The lights at Christmas are actually a great reminder to me about another light, a light called “The Light of the World”. This Light is actually a person, and we celebrate Him coming into our world at Christmas. In multiple places in the Bible Jesus is referred to as the Light of the World (check out John 1:9, John 8:12 and John 9:5).

As the Light of the World, Jesus is not a flashing, moving dancing reindeer display, nor is He hung on a tree to decorate it. But He does makes a huge display of His love for us and it is most clearly seen as He is hung on different kind of tree, the cross, and dies for the sins of the world. At that moment when Jesus dies for us we see how He is the Light of the World, He brings the light of the gospel and salvation to us and allows us to be freed from the darkness of sin and death.  

So as the Christmas lights on houses and trees get packed away for another year, don’t forget that Jesus is the true LIGHT of the world, who is not packed away in January and who never goes out!

How will you make sure you continue to remember Jesus is the light of the World share that with others into January and the rest of the year?!