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Why you should visit morning church

Find the teens in your early services and invite them to youth group.

"I go to a Christian School!"

"All my friends are already Christian!"

"The non Christian kids at soccer all hate me!"

When your youth group leader encourages you to invite your friends along to youth group, have you found yourself saying one of those statements? Or something similar? You want to get on board with getting the message of Jesus out there, but it's too hard. Where could you possibly find other teens interested in going to youth groups?

I want to tell you about an easier way to get started than simply rocking up to strangers in the street and inviting them along.

Finding teens at morning church

Now I know this sounds like a wild and crazy idea, but work with me here. For a lot of teenage Christians, going to Church usually happens on Sunday afternoon or night. The service is usually geared towards a younger crowd. And that's cool. But did you know that not every teen goes to Church at night?

Some of them go in the morning.

Why? Because their parents take them.

They may have nothing to do with your youth group. In fact, they may not even know it exists. But every Sunday they're sitting in Church. And just maybe they'd love to have someone like you invite them to youth group.

It's worth the effort

Have you considered getting out of bed on a Sunday morning, going along to church and making friends with the teenagers there? Here are people that are usually open to Jesus, and won't bite your head off if you start talking about the Bible.

It could be the only thing stopping them from coming to youth group and learning about Jesus is that they don't have any friends who go. You could be that friend.

And once you've made friends with that person, invited them along to youth group, and they actually SAY YES? Well maybe then you'll be so stoked from watching God at work that you'll be ready to ask your non-Christian friend what they think about Jesus too.