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Why consider Christianity?

Why should I listen to what Jesus said? Is anything he did relevant to my life?

What did Jesus say?

When Jesus walked on this earth he said some pretty crazy things. One of the more controversial things he said was recorded by his best friend John in his biography of Jesus’ life.

Jesus said to his friend Thomas “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”.

It’s a pretty big call isn’t it.

Jesus says he is the only way to God, the truth and the life.

As I have considered the Christian faith, these three things (way, truth and life) have really shaped my journey and faith in Him.

Here’s why…

Jesus the WAY

One of the greatest lies that many in our society believe is that all religions are the same. Have you ever heard someone say that the way to God is like climbing a mountain? What they are suggesting is there are different paths up the mountain but they all get you to the same place, in this case God.

However, Jesus’ claim is that he is the only way, he calls it the narrow path that leads to life (Matt. 7:13).

What this forces me to do is check Jesus out:

  • Why did Jesus believe this about himself?
  • Why should I trust him?
  • Is he just being arrogant?

Jesus the TRUTH

To say Jesus is the truth is to say that his way is completely reliable – true in the sense of trustworthy. And it’s trustworthy because Jesus is the truth of God.

I realise that this sounds ridiculous and weak to some people. Especially as we live in a time when people say truth is what each individual thinks is true (“that might be true for you but not for me”).

But when it comes down to it, some things are either 'true' or 'not true'. Next time you're in math class, try telling your teacher that one plus one equals three, and see what they say… or in art, try arguing that red is blue. 

As I have spoken with others about this, what we need to realise is that we all have faith in something, we all believe in something. For some, their faith is in science, for some it's what they can see and touch, whilst for others it’s a faith that God doesn't exist - atheism. Once you admit that you have 'a faith', you can then investigate if your 'faith position' is actually worth it.

Is it worth your life?

Jesus the LIFE

In the Bible, life is more than biology, it's more than physical existence. It has to do with being in God’s gracious, life giving presence. To have real life is to be in a relationship with God.

This has given my life hope and meaning. I know what life means – I am created in Jesus’ image to worship God just like him. I know I have a future and that even though there is pain and suffering in the world, there is more to life than these things.

What does life mean to you?

Have you really considered who Jesus is and what he says? Have you taken the time to read any of the Bible?

Often we can just believe things because of what others have said or because we want to fit in. But have you actually checked it out for yourself?

I think the best place to start would be to read Mark’s biography of Jesus life. You can read it online here.

And just so you know… it’s ok to ask questions and have doubts. We all have them at times. The best thing to do is to just ask your questions and get help. Send us an email if you have a question you want answered, or start reading the book of Mark today!