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When are you ready to ‘lead worship?’

Is it all about musical talent & good looks?

We who are regular church-goers all know what we feel about those brave souls who get up and lead from the front. They are called different things depending on your church brand-name (Denomination), group culture or theological flavour:

Service Leader, Worship Leader, Lead Worshipper, Leader or maybe just plain "Dave."

Because our churches have people who put their hand up to lead services, a question arises over this 'in between' role of the corporate worship service leader. They're not a minister, often a muso, and we don't let anyone get up and do it. So how do we know if these people are really 'ready' to lead others in praising God?"

I believe that God has let us in on what he is looking for, through the Bible. Funnily enough, I don't think it comes down to musical ability, good looks, or charisma!

I've summarised it here as a “6 Point Profile” of a mature worshipper. I believe the worship leader will demonstrate the following characteristics in their lives:

• Worship God for who He is
• Worship God for what He’s done in their life
• Thank God daily for Who he is & What He’s done
• Are Not ashamed for others to know they love God
• Give God credit for all they are and have
• Worship with other believers each week (as a general pattern)

Ask yourself not what you like, or who you prefer to lead you on a Sunday night. Simply pause and reflect - do these characteristics seem to me to the right ones for the job?

If so, pick your worship leaders carefully, then let 'em do their job.

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