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What an easter egg can teach you about Easter

Crack it open and discover the reason for the season...

Have you ever stopped to think why we eat Easter eggs at Easter? Except for the obvious marketing and commercial reasons – Easter eggs can actually tell you more about the real meaning for this holiday.

Easter is a Christian holiday in which we celebrate the death of Jesus on Good Friday and then His glorious resurrection on Sunday!

As a family we always got given our Easter Eggs on a Sunday and we got given the hollow eggs, not because our parents were stingy and not because they didn’t want us to eat chocolate but because the hollow egg would remind us of the empty tomb.

The tomb that had once contained Jesus body, on the Sunday morning is cracked wide open and Jesus is nowhere to be found because He has risen!

So every time I crack open an egg on Easter Sunday I am reminded of the empty tomb and reminded that my Saviour is no longer dead in the tomb, but alive and living!

So on Easter Sunday, crack open your hollow eggs and remember– “He is risen, He is risen indeed!”