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We were shaken this morning

A car accident reminds Dave Miers of how close we all are to death

We were shaken this morning by the news of a 27-year-old woman, 32-year-old man and their five-month-old baby who were killed last night when a truck crashed into their car on the F3 Freeway (read more @ ABC News + SMH) We are the same age as the parents. Samuel is just a little younger than the baby. We spend a lot of time travelling on the F3 Freeway. We often travel at that time of night. That could have been us.

We mourn for this family and pray that God would bring comfort to their extended family. If my family were killed on the F3 last night, because Jesus rose again, I’m confident that we would go and be with Jesus. However, while we have no fear in death, a tragic accident like this is a reminder that life is short. We could be taken at any time.

Matt Chandler shared the other night that each year he goes to a cemetery and finds the grave of someone who had died at the same age as his current age. He then reflects upon his own life and the reality that this year could be his last year on earth, and resolves to not waste it.

Here’s what I’m praying today:

  • For non-Christian readers/friends: You will die one day. On that day you will face judgement from God. The bad news is that you will be judged guilty for failing to honour and obey God with your life. Your only hope is Jesus. I’m praying that you will start to trust in Jesus as your Saviour and start living him with as your Lord. (Click those two links and then contact me if you want to talk further)
  • For Christian readers/friends: You will also die. On that day you will face judgement from God. The good news is that you will be judged innocent, not because you are, but because Jesus has already taken away your sin and given you his innocent standing before God.

I’m praying that you (and I) wouldn’t waste the short time we’ve got in this life.


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