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Top 5 Easter articles on Fervr

Get ready to be both encouraged and challenged with the great news this Easter.

With Easter still upon us, now is the perfect time to realise that the message of the gospel continues to transform hearts and minds to the glory of God. Thinking through the Easter message is important for our growth as Christians. Below are five articles (in no particular order) that both challenge and encourage us with the amazing truth of the Easter story.

1. Easter: Good news for the broken! If your life seems to be falling to pieces, there’s good news for you at Easter!

Do you long to be part of a world where there will be no more brokenness? Discover how the story of Easter completely restores all that is broken, ruined, destroyed and damaged, even our own hearts.

2. 4 ways to share the truth of Easter at school. How you can get your classmates talking about the real meaning of Easter.

Have you ever considered using the season of Easter to tell those around you the real meaning of why we eat chocolate eggs and hot cross buns? Take up the challenge this Easter and use these helpful, accessible and practical tips to equip you to begin conversations with friends at school. 

3. Easter: it’s a big deal! How do we know God loves us? He showed us.

When someone does something amazing for you, you know it means you are loved. Check out this article and find out just how much God loves you.

4. Is the Easter story really true? A short video that investigates the extraordinary claims of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Find out how these massive claims are proven to be true.

5. The animated Easter story. 4 short videos that are free to download.

This provides a quick overview of Jesus birth, life and how he came to die on the cross. Make sure to check out the other videos that are free to download.