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Too tired to read the Bible?

by fervreditor

Running low?

A lot of people have trouble finding time to read the Bible. In fact, I've noticed that instead of regular Bible reading, it has become common in Christian circles to have youth group, Bible studies or church services as our “God-fix” for each week. 

When we're running low on energy, we have some sugar. It can be the same in our Christian lives – feeling like we have sinned too much this week, head to church to hear how it is all ok because Jesus took away all our sins.

If you are keen to get out of this loop then read these tips to make Bible reading a regular and helpful part of each day.

Remember, why you are reading

Jesus told Philip in John 14:8-10, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.”  To know God is more than just knowing a whole bunch of Christian stuff.  To know God is to have a friendship with Him, and friendships involve understanding your friend and spending time to keep the friendship going.  Understanding God comes from reading about His personality and His actions.  

You may think your looks define who you are to others, but in fact it is your personality, how you act, the words you use, how others predict you will respond to certain situations.  The same is true with God.  When we read our Bibles, we learn things like how God never forgets about us (Exodus 2:24); God comforts us (2 Corinthians 7:6-13); God’s reaction to sin (Gen 2:14-19; Gen 4:11-12; Gen  19:23-26 etc) and much more.

Give God your best time

Before you read the Bible, figure out when you are at your best during the day.  For example, I work best during the afternoon (I have even figured out at around 1pm, I am at the top of my game), so this is when I do my really hard work that needs a lot of attention. Maybe for you it will be first thing in the morning, or at morning tea. Most people aren't at their peak just before they go to sleep, and yet many of choose that time to try and delve into some deep Bible reading – perhaps it's time for a change.

Once you have an idea of when you work best, plan to read your Bible just before (or possibly just after as long as you are not too tired) that time in the day. God deserves our attention when we are spending time with Him, so figure out when you are at your peak in the day, and read your Bible then.

Even if you are not a morning person, reading your Bible before you start your day at school or wherever will give you the chance to think about what you have read during the day.

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