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The Myths of Science

by fervreditor

Science doesn't have all the answers yet, but it will.

Christianity means blind faith.

The church is anti-change and anti-science. Just look at what they did to Galileo!

No rational person would believe in the resurrection. Human eyewitness is not good enough!

With 2009 being the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's 'On The Origin of Species', it is to be expected that some discussion of evolution and science in general might come up. Such discussions often come back to creation and in turn back to God. It seems common belief that science and Christianity can't be friends and as a result you might have heard some of the questions or statements above.

Is it true? Did the church mindlessly persecute Galileo? Has science disproved God? Is belief in miracles and the resurrection of Jesus irrational? The short answer is 'No!' However, if you'd like to think more about these issues and be able to respond to such questions and statements with more than a 'no' and a 'because it's not', 'The Myths of Science' could be a book for you.

Edited by Kirsten Birkett, the book is a collection of 6 articles written for the journal 'Kategoria', which was created to tackle some of the lingering and recurring topics that rear their heads in the face of Christianity.

The first of these confronts the history of Galileo: the real history that is, not the story we often hear. Another, titled 'Darwin and the Fundamentalists' deals with Darwinism and the thoughts of a few different Christians and scientists. Another discusses miracles: what they are and, more importantly, did they happen?

This book deals with science, history and philosophy, which can be heavy topics, but the discussions are presented in real-world language and do a good job of setting the scene. The book is no thicker than my pinkie-finger, which is always encouraging when you're as good at finishing books as I am (i.e. not very)!

If you find yourself wishing that you had a better grasp on how Christianity and science have interacted over the ages, I highly recommend “The Myths of Science”. Especially if you're doing Biology at school, or thinking of studying any of the sciences if you head off to uni — get some truth and perspective under your belt!

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