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Search God, not Google

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Looking for guidance? Turn to your maker before you turn on your computer.

The internet has made information easily accessible. Anything we could possibly want is literally at our fingertips: food, games, clothing, homework answers, etc. We are able to "Google it" and become knowledgeable on nearly any subject in seconds by clicking a button. However, knowledge does not equal wisdom. There are too many people walking around arrogantly boasting about their education and degrees, but lack the wisdom needed for daily life.

The Bible repeatedly instructs us to seek wisdom. If we follow Gods word, He provides us the guidance we need to handle any situation we encounter in life at any age.

The best place to find wisdom 

The Bible speaks of two types of wisdom:

  • There is the world's wisdom, which is based on puffed-up knowledge, but is foolishness in the eyes of the Lord (1 Corinthians 3:19).
  • And then there is God's wisdom. This is the ability to see things from the Father’s perspective and respond according to his Word. 

Understanding the wisdom of God doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, but there are some steps you can take to make sure you are growing in godly wisdom...

1. Seek after God

No one is born wise, therefore we have to seek wisdom or deal with the consequences of living life without it. The problem we face is that the world offers too many distractions for us to focus on, rather than acquiring wisdom. We won't find wisdom by chasing after wealth, friends, prominence or prestige.  
Proverbs 8:11 says all of these desirable things cannot compare with acquiring  wisdom. It’s a priceless blessing that God gives to those who diligently search for it like hidden treasure (Proverbs 2:4-7).

2. Spend time in God’s Word

The world has Google, but we have the Bible, which reveals the mind of Christ. It shows us God's ways, his plans, and purpose for our lives. If we diligently spend time in his Word, his thoughts will become clear to us and influence our lives and decision making. 

3. Be obedient to Scripture

Simply having knowledge and understanding of God's Word cannot make us wise. We must apply to our lives all that we learn from God's word. The wisdom of God is reserved for those who take heed to his instructions and obey (Proverbs 8:33-34).

4. Pray for wisdom

In the Bible, James advises us to ask God for wisdom and He will give it to us (James 1:5-6). We have to ask God in faith, obey what the Lord says, and wait for the results of our actions. Obedience to God will always bring about blessings. And disobedience to God will come with consequences. 

5. Remember your actions have consequences 

Proverbs tells us that wisdom comes from being observant of the results of living various lifestyles. Take wise people for example - the Bible says they are cautious and turn from evil, but a fool will be arrogant and careless (Proverbs 6:6-11, 14:16). The Bible provides us with insight to God’s perspective and helps us to make wise choices that will bring about positive results.

6. Seek godly counsel

We all need guidance from time to time, but not all advice is godly. Even a trained counselor can lead us astray instead of aiding us in finding God’s way. Whenever we seek someone to give us direction, we should examine that person’s lifestyle and determine the source of the advice we will receive. Basically, we have to be careful to make sure his/her guidance is not just based on good education and psychology, but is inline with God’s Word too.

7. Surround yourself with wise people 

Who we consider a friend matters. We can either surround ourselves with people who will help us grow in wisdom or those who will cause us to be influenced by their ignorance  (Prov. 13:20). That's why we must choose our friends wisely. And we must also evaluate what type of friend we are to others. Are we helpful or harmful? Do we give advice based on what the Scriptures say, or do we tell our friends simply what they want to hear?

What will you choose? 

Wisdom begins with a decision to trust God, grow in knowledge of his Word and live our lives accordingly the best we know how. To truly be wise, we need to live with an eager ear and hunger in our belly for the Lord’s guidance. For there will always be temptation to distract us and lure us away from the Scriptural principles that lead to wisdom. 
The world says life is short, live for today and all its pleasures. But, in reality, knowing our time on earth will only be for a moment should motivate us to turn from our sinful ways and begin living wisely as God desires for us to do.


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