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Read through the Bible in 2011

This year we invite you to take up the challenge again...

Why is reading through the whole Bible a good idea? It seems like there are so many boring bits, long lists, and irrelevant details. It all seems just a little too much work.

Well, let's be honest. There will be some boring bits, and some bits we don't quite understand, but here's 3 reasons (out of many more) why you should consider giving it a go anyway:

Why to do it:

1) Reading the whole Bible gives you a big picture view of God's plans for humanity.

Every part of the Bible is as important as every other part. The whole Bible is God's word - it is all of vital importance to you! Not just the New Testament, and not just the red letters!

2) It's a great read.

Look out for some some pretty amazing stories about wars, famines, murder plots, talking donkeys, rivers turning to blood, shipwrecks, the creation of the universe, the resurrection of the dead... incredible true stories of God and his amazing works throughout history.

3) It helps you understand Jesus better.

Do you remember Jesus talking to the guys on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection? To help them understand him better, Jesus started with the Old Testament books, and "explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself."

Everything we read in the Bible relates to Jesus. The more we read and understand the whole Bible, the better we understand who he is, why he came, and just how much he has done for us.

How to do it:

Here's 3 steps to making it happen

1) Make a plan.

There are various plans you can find on the web by searching for 'Bible in a year'. Or you can go to a site like and they can provide free plans for you.

2) Find somewhere comfy.

Set aside a place & time each day where you can fit in some reading time. Commit to sitting down at the same time each day. Turn off mobile phones, laptops etc. before you start.

3) Start now!

Today is the 1st, so get started right now... seriously!

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