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Practical Prayer Tips

Great ways to get you started when you don't know what to pray for

If you're finding it hard to know what to pray for, here's a couple of suggestions to get you started.

Community, Country, World

Community: List things you can thank God for, or pray for in regards to your community. School, work, neighbours, parks, developments, people (both saved and not yet saved), politics, the list could go on forever. You can go as intimate (school community, your street) or as broad (your entire suburb or city) as you like!

Country: What things are happening across the country? Pray for the people and the state of the country, for people suffering due to weather or hardships, praise God for people who are being blessed, pray for the people who run the country and the political decisions that are being made.

World: What things are happening overseas? Are people suffering? Pray for them. Are politicians fighting or making decisions that will affect their own countries? Pray for them. Has something wonderful happened? Thank God for it. God is the creator of the whole world; therefore we can pray for anything in the world and know that He is in control of it!

T.S.P. (Teaspoon)

Our youth group learned this model off by heart. TSP, or teaspoon, stands for Thanks, Sorry and Pray. It’s a helpful reminder to be thanking God for all the good things he gives us, to be saying sorry for the times which we disobey him and to be praying to him for all sorts of things.

Ask others

If you are still unsure what things you can be praying for, try asking others what you can pray for them! It doesn’t matter who you ask either. Share prayer points with your friends, be asking people at church or in your family how you can pray for them.

Also, there are plenty of websites that will send you prayer suggestions. Missionaries in other countries often send out weekly or monthly prayer letters full of prayer requests! You can see prayer points and sign up to letters from different missionaries around the world at CMS. Websites like Voice of The Martyrs also have prayer blogs, letting you know how you can be praying for persecuted Christians in other countries.

What are you waiting for?

Take some time out now. Make a list of people and things you can pray for. Minimize the browser. God wants you to pray, so take some time out now and talk to him.

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