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No satisfaction - guaranteed!

Why your life will never feel complete until you know Jesus.

There are a few truths in this world that you MUST know.

One of those is that it is never, ever ok to ask a woman if she is pregnant. Even if she is begging you to take her to the hospital because she thinks “it’s time” don’t ask. You never know when it’s that one time you’re going to be wrong and get yourself in an awkward situation.

Another truth is the person of Jesus. You must know about him to understand the world today. After all, we divided time over his life, have painted more pictures of him than anyone else, sing to him more than any other person and base two of our biggest holidays on him.

Of course, you have to go deeper than that. You have to understand that he came down to show us the way. By his example we know how we ought to live. Now, I know, a lot of Christians, including me most days, look nothing like him. But still, we understand who we are SUPPOSED to be like.

We also must know that his death was more than just a murder. Much more. We have to realize that on the cross, he gladly bore our burdens, sins and sorrows, substituting himself for us, saving us from the wrath of God the Father. Through his resurrection, we have life and life to the full. In him there is complete freedom from sin, the law and the punishment that we deserve in our sinful state.

You can't get no satisfaction

Ok, so that’s pretty huge. Is there anything else out there that we simply MUST know? Well, nothing is as important as the gospel, but I would say there is one truth that you are going to want to know and understand well if you’re going to make it in this world.

There is one fact that you must come to grips with in order to live to your full potential, fulfill your calling and be who you are meant to be.

Today I’m going to tell you that truth. I’m not going to tell you what to do about. I’m not going to tell you how to overcome it. Nope. Today, I’m just going to dump it on you and let you stew in it until it clicks in your brain never to be removed. Ok…here it is.

The number one thing (outside of the gospel) that you need to know about you…

You can’t be totally satisfied by ANYTHING in this world.


If you hear a great song, you’ll have to put it on repeat and listen to it over and over again. Hearing it once won’t be enough.

If you have a great moment, you’ll need to take a picture and look at it time after time. Just being present for that great moment isn’t enough.

No matter what you eat today, you’re going to need something to eat tomorrow. Our food is only temporary. We never have enough.

No matter how much money you have, you’ll always find yourself wanting more. You’ll never be rich enough.

No matter how big your ministry gets, you’ll alway wish a few more people came. You’ll never be big enough.

No matter how long you live, you’ll always hope for one more day of life. You’ll never live enough.

A truth to remember

All things are full of weariness; a man cannot utter it; the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. Ecclesiastes 1:8

Maybe that means we aren’t meant for this world? Maybe that means our purpose here isn’t satisfaction? Maybe it means the point of the universe is someone else and not us?

In today's article, those questions don’t matter. All I want you to know and all I want you to meditate on is this:

You can’t be totally satisfied by ANYTHING in this world.

And we MUST know this truth before we can get anywhere else. If we don’t get this, we just keep chasing things we can never catch.