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I am not ashamed

Feeling timid as a Christian? You need to read 2 Timothy.

Before reading today's article, take a quick look at 2 Timothy 1:1-12.


Do you have an embarassing story? Most of us have had one of those situations where we end up looking pretty silly, and wish we could turn the clock back and start the day over. In fact, we all get embarrassed or ashamed at lots of different times in our lives. But Paul in 2 Timothy 1:8 says there is something you definitely shouldn't be ashamed or embarrased about - do not be ashamed to testify about the Lord.

The word "Testify" just means to tell people. So Paul is encouraging Timothy, and us to not be ashamed to tell people about the Lord.

So of all the things that we can be ashamed about, the Lord Jesus is not one of them.

Why we shouldn't be ashamed

Take a look at verse 9 of 2 Timothy: 1. God has saved us by his grace. It was all him, we had absolutely nothing to do with it. We are 100% saved by his grace and purpose, and from right at the beginning of time.

Not only that but he destroyed death and brought in life, eternal life!

That is amazing! That is exciting! That is fantastic!! This is not something to be ashamed or embarassed about!

We all get scared

Yes, it happens. We get scared that we will be rejected by our friends. We get scared that people will tease us. We get scared that we won’t know what to say. We get scared the conversation will be way too awkward. It’s much more comfortable to talk about TV or sport or school.

But Paul was willing to be beaten up and thrown in prison for telling people about the Lord Jesus.

Jesus has done the most incredible thing. He has saved you from certain death. He loves you more than anyone ever could. So do not be ashamed or embarrassed to tell other people about him.