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How to read through the Bible in a year in 2022

It's totally possible with the right tools, the right mindset ... and God's help!

Reading through the whole Bible in one year is a goal that many Christians have. Spending every day in God’s word, understanding the pattern of his plan for our world and its salvation and knowing him more closely are all wonderful outcomes of reading the Bible in one year. But is it actually possible?

With the right tools, the right mindset and some helpful friends, absolutely! Here’s how you can read through the WHOLE Bible in one year in 2022.

Uncover your motivation

If you’re trying to achieve this goal to tick it off your bucket list, or to impress people, that’s not going to be enough to motivate you to keep going. Your motivation should be related to your relationship with God! Aim to read the Bible in a year to know him better, and to know yourself better as his child. Then on days when you struggle, remind yourself that you’re doing this to get to know God more.

Find a good plan

Don’t just start at the beginning and read! Plenty of clever people have designed plans that can help you read through the whole Bible in one year in a way that ties together the threads of the narrative, shows you links between Jesus and the Old Testament and jumps around between types of literature so you don’t get stuck just reading law for a month. Check out our Ultimate List of Bible Reading Plans or Google ‘Bible in a Year plan’ or ask around at church to find a plan that works for you. There are some which only ask you to read six days a week, so if you feel worried about missing days pick one of these so you have opportunities to catch up.

Set a time

Forming a habit takes consistency. So, set a time each day that you’ll read your Bible and stick to it. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, last thing at night or somewhere in between, reading at the same time each day will help you stay on track and soon, your day won’t feel complete without it!

Process what you’re learning

It’s all well and good to read the Bible, but if it’s just going into your eyes and straight out of your brain, you aren’t getting the full benefit! Find a way to process what you’re reading and learning about God. Maybe you could try journalling, or illustrating Bible verses that stand out to you, or writing songs or poems in response, or telling a friend or family member what you’ve discovered. A simple way to process is to answer these three questions. Firstly, what does this tell me about God? Secondly, what does this tell me about myself, or God’s people? Thirdly, what should I do to respond?

Ask a friend to keep you accountable

As Christians, we aren’t meant to be trying to live the Christian life alone! So don’t embark on the journey of Bible in a year without a Christian brother or sister to help you. Ask a trusted friend to check in on you, and ask how you’re going and what you’re learning. Maybe you could even convince your friend to take the challenge too, and read together! Don’t forget, though, that telling your friends what you’re doing should never be about bragging. You’re doing this to try and learn, not to look good!


We should do nothing without prayer, and that includes Bible reading! Pray regularly asking for God’s help to persist, understand and learn. Who better to ask for help reading the Bible than its author?!

Are you going to read the Bible in a year in 2022? What are your plans for success?