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How to make youth group amazing

Four ways to ensure you never get tired of going to youth group.

Youth group can be an absolute blast and you can experience many things you would never experience anywhere else. But what happens when the newness and excitement of youth group experiences run out? Will you stick around or will boredom set in and you will look to move on to something else?

Here are some ways to make the most of your time in youth group.

Invest in relationships

Relationships are key for youth group but can also destroy youth groups. If your relationships are only focused on yourself and how you are perceived, you will get bored or look to replace some relationships with people who will make you look good. What if the goal of your relationships was in word and action to help move others closer to Jesus and you surrounded yourself with those who wanted the same for you?

Don’t see it as entertainment

If you go and watch and expect to be entertained, you begin to create a very dangerous culture. You are expecting the church to provide a constant stream of entertainment for you. That is not the job of the church. The church is to help you grow closer to Jesus Christ. Youth groups will often use catchy songs and fun games, but these are to help you draw nearer to Christ.


Don’t just watch church happen, help make church happen! Do something that is sacrificial for you, that will benefit others. Find a way within the group and church to pour into the lives of others.

Prioritise youth group

Life is busy, really busy! Sports schedules, homework, jobs, and school all have very demanding time requirements. It is very easy to lose the value of going to youth group because everything else wants your presence! It is important to learn to discipline yourself, including your schedule. If you fail to discipline your schedule you begin setting life habits that will be much harder to change when you get older. If you start practicing good habits now, it will be much easier to maintain good habits than to break bad habits.

Do you see a common theme here? We need to start making youth group less about us and more about what we can do for the Kingdom of God. Youth group can be a great tool to draw people in but as with all things, it can be a great distraction to those who use it only for selfish gain.