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Grow your faith during Advent

30 creative ways to show love for Jesus and those around you this Advent.

The lead up to Christmas is a great time to reflect on your relationship with God, remember how much Jesus loves you, and look for opportunities to serve your family, friends and community.

With that in mind, here's 30 ideas to help you focus on the things that matter most this Advent.

  1. Start an advent reading plan—you might find one of these helpful!
  2. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and pray for those who are homeless or struggling during Christmas.
  3. Go for a walk, thank God for all the beautiful things you see—don’t take headphones. 
  4. Don’t look at social media for the first and last hour every day. Instead, read the Christmas story.
  5. Look in the mirror and thank God for the breath that fills your lungs. 
  6. Pray an old prayer and think about what the words mean.
  7. Listen to some Christian music and sing along. 
  8. Get a good night’s sleep on Saturday night so you’re fresh to serve at church on Sunday. 
  9. Write a letter to God. Seal it. Open it on Christmas Day.  
  10. Ask your family if you can help with any Christmas shopping.
  11. Help cook during a family lunch. Help wash up after the meal.
  12. Make an advent wreath together with friends or family.
  13. Make an advent calendar together.
  14. Ask your family if you can pray for anything going on in their lives.
  15. Pray straight away for those in need, no need to wait.
  16. Write all your family members a Christmas card. Share with them a piece of scripture and tell them why you’re thankful for them.
  17. Make your own way to youth or organise a lift. Give your parents a night off.
  18. Thank your parents for caring for you during the year. Write them a card or note.
  19. Ask your family if they want to read a Christmas narrative from one of the gospels in the weeks leading up to Christmas—maybe a few verses a night. 
  20. Sing a carol together.
  21. Talk about the Christmas story while you decorate the tree together.
  22. Create a habit where you pray for your friends after hanging out.
  23. Start a book club for next year where you get together to talk about your favourite Christian books.
  24. Ask for forgiveness when you sin, grant others forgiveness when they ask.
  25. Don’t exaggerate your stories, be accepted on the basis of Christ’s acceptance of you.
  26. Don’t go on your phone at church.
  27. Create a group message where you share a Bible verse a day with your friends.
  28. Ask a leader at church how you can serve.
  29. Tell people how long until Christmas, explain why you’re excited.
  30. Invite someone who's lonely to join your for a special Christmas get together with friends.