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Four creative gift ideas for Christmas

How to give gifts that glorify God

Christmas means one thing: PRESENTS!

I’m kidding, of course. We all know that the real meaning of Christmas is that Jesus was born for us! But showing generosity to others through giving presents is a great way to celebrate God’s generosity to us.

However, sometimes the stress of finding the perfect gift in shiny and bright malls and shopping centres can leave us feeling drained, dissatisfied with what we have and wishing Christmas was over.

So, here are four suggestions for Christmas presents that will help you (and the people you give to) reconnect with the truth behind the tradition of gift giving - we are generous because God was generous!

1. Give charitable gifts

Many charities offer the opportunity to give a gift to a person in a third-world country. For example, if you buy a card from TEAR (, you can give that card to a friend and they’ll know a person in need has received a really useful gift, like a chicken, education pack or skills training! These kinds of gifts help us remember God’s command to love and care for those who don’t have as much as we do.

2. Bake something yummy

Cooking for a friend or family member really shows them you care. They will love receiving something tasty and they’ll appreciate the time you spent in the kitchen, thinking about them while you baked. Christmas cookies and gingerbread are great, simple options, and if you find a really fantastic recipe then you could write it out really nicely and pass it on to the recipient too.

3. Use your talents

Are you a talented musician? Write a song! Are you a great artist? Paint a picture! Are you a master of photography? Take a family portrait! Using your talents to create personal, meaningful presents gives you an opportunity to bless others with the gifts that God has blessed you.

4. Write it out

What if you’re low on cash, can’t cook and have no artistic talents? Why not sit down with a piece of paper and pen and write a heartfelt letter to your family member or friend. This is also great for giving to a teacher or pastor - someone who has helped you learn and grow over the year will absolutely love receiving a Christmas letter full of thanks and kind words. Ultimately all material goods will break and wear out, but kind words will continue encouraging and edifying people year after year.

I hope these suggestions should help you recover Christmas joy as you give gifts this December!