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Fighting doubt

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Don't forget all that God has done for you!

As the new year unfolds before us, you might be hopeful or excited, or maybe like me—doubtful and frightened. I was filled with doubt as I faced this year. I had many questions in my mind. I couldn’t see the path before me. I was pitiful, I doubted God even though He has shown me much proof.

But God is a God of miracles. This is more than a blind belief to me. I’ve witnessed His miracles time and time again: through all the phenomena that occur in the world around me, and in my very own life. God’s power is magnified through His actions, so doubting should not be a choice. But then, our faithless hearts intervene.

So in order to overcome doubt, we must have faith. Faith can eat up fear! Here are some ways you can strengthen your faith to overcome doubt.

Read the gospel (again)

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John—these books narrate the life of Jesus. One of the goals of the gospel is to help believers maintain their faith in Jesus.

Think about your whole 2015

Reflect on your ups and downs, and how God was magnified in it all. You could write it down. How did you see God’s greatness?

Think about your whole life

What has God done for you?

Lastly, always remember that...


Our lives as Christians are lives of faith. We accepted Jesus Christ by faith. We must live our lives by faith. Even though our race is not yet finished and we still have a lot of problems and trials, let us not fear or doubt, for our God has done great things, and throughout the uncertainties, He will do great things.

“Don’t be afraid my people. Be glad now and rejoice, for the Lord has done great things.” Joel 2:21


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