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Fervr’s top 5 videos of 2012!

We take a look at the most popular videos featured on Fervr this year.

Each week, the Fervr team search through the many billions of videos on Youtube, Vimeo and elsewhere, to find something worth watching (it can take a long time). 

Once we've found a video we think you'll like, we put it up on Wednesday as our 'video of the week'. The following are the five vids you guys liked the most over the last year. Keep coming back in 2013, as we continuing posting even more videos for you each week, and feel free to contact us if you have a video you would like featured - if we like it, we'll put it up for everyone to see! 

1. The Bible in 50 words


2. If God is good, why does he allow evil?

3. Teen Sex By the Book launch video

4. Trying to be perfect

5. The parable of the foolish student