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Don’t call me baby

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...or homeboy, or Cyborg Pirate Ninja, or....

Your view of Jesus will shape your response to Jesus.

If Jesus is just your homeboy (check the t-shirt); then you’ll treat him like you treat any other buddy or mate.

If you view Jesus as a Cyborg Pirate Ninja (check this); then you’ll probably live in constant fear that he is going to sneak up on you and break your neck!

If you “like the Christmas Jesus best” (check this vid); then you’ll keep him wrapped up as a cute little baby in a manger, packed away with the Christmas decorations for the rest of the year.

Here’s the deal. Just like you and me, Jesus was once just a little baby. He cried. He crawled. He crapped. His birthday party, Christmas, is coming up soon. Two questions:

1. Why do we celebrate the birth of a baby from 2000 years ago?

2. What will cause you to think about Jesus more than just at Christmas?

Jesus is more than just a cute little baby – find out more in part 2…