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Can I prove God exists?

by fervreditor

Short answer:
Yes – because, Jesus rose from the dead.

Long answer:
It is claimed that when Joseph Smith was a 14 year old boy, God appeared to him in a theophany (an appearance of God to man). Joseph said that while in the woods one day he had a vision in which God and Jesus appeared as two beings of flesh and bone. God told him to start a new church because the ones around at the time were wrong. He went on to create the religion we call Mormonism.

How can we know whether it was really a vision from God or just made up? How can we know if there is a God? Isn’t it just a case of whose story you believe?

Anyone could claim they saw anything in a vision. I could claim that God told me the readers of this article should direct debit $1000 into my account (BSB: 802 174 Acc no: 475 832) right now. The issue of whether I’m lying or not, can’t be proven. And it’s the same in the case of Joseph Smith’s vision. It can’t be proved true or false. So does this mean God can’t be proven to exist, that it’s all a matter of opinion?


Because, unlike almost any other belief system, we don’t know about the True and Living God from a vision. He appeared in person, as a real person in history, not for a little while but for about 33 years. God walked on the earth and lived among people as the man Jesus of Nazareth. He performed miraculous signs pointing to his true identity as God the son. One miraculous sign was performed in front of 5000 people. He claimed to forgive sins and he raised others from the dead. He was sentenced to die on a crucifix, he rose from the dead and he kicked around on earth for another 40 days before ascending to heaven.

Jesus proves himself to be God by rising from the dead. And if he’s God, then God exists. We have the eyewitness accounts and accounts written in the lifetime of the eyewitnesses. We read them in the Bible (New Testament), and they are essentially unchanged since they were first written around 2000 years ago. There’s actually proof, not one person explaining a vision, a dream or a theophany.

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