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7 benefits of using a Bible app

Discover how technology can enhance your Bible reading experience.

I am in love with my YouVersion Bible app, and want to share seven reasons why you should consider using it too...

1. You can connect with your all Christian friends

The app has a social media side. You can add friends, comment on or like their highlights, etc. I can see the verses all my church friends highlighted and all the devotionals they’ve completed. It makes for great online discussions. If you see a verse they’ve highlighted, you can comment on or like it to start a discussion.

2. You can make verses into images

I’m a very visual person. Whenever I read a verse that grabs my attention, I turn it into an image. YouVersion offers many background pictures to place your verse on and many font, sizing, and color options. This feature is really great if you’re a social media fan like me:) I save all my verse images and share them on my Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. Because verse images are very easy to read and aesthetically pleasing, they are easily noticed by the human eye. This is a great way to share God’s good news.

3. You can read in low light

Blue light screens can be bad for our eyes (which is probably why I am close to blind), however, YouVersion gives you a lowlight option where you can read white letters on black background. I really like this feature because if I’m laying in bed at night and want to read the bible, I don’t get blinded when I turn on my phone.

4. You can find a verse fast

We’ve all been to a bible study where everyone spends the first five minutes trying to find the verses. With the app, you’ll get where you need to be in three taps on your smartphone.

5. You can change the font settings

If you’re like my mom, you probably have a hard time with small text. The app lets you change the size of the text between 10pt and 30pt. Along with that you can change the font. They offer six options: Avenir, Baskerville, Georgia, Helvetica Neue, Hoefler Text, and Veranda.

6. They have preprepared plans

If there is a specific topic you’d like to study, YouVersion Bible has most likely pulled together a bunch of verses relating to your topic and bundled them into a plan that can take anywhere from 3 days to over a year. You can do many plans at a time and even set a daily reminder on your phone.

7. You have 1096 translations to choose from

I normally use NLT (New living translation) or NET (New English Translation), but sometimes I come across confusing verses. When that happens, I just switch to a different translation that can simplify the verse. Above that, if one translation doesn’t work without wifi or data, you can download another offline version. Once again, you can switch translations by just a tap on your smartphone :) 

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