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Six ways to grow your prayer life right now

Grow your time with God with these practical tips and ideas.

Every Christian seems to know that prayer is an essential part of the spiritiual life. And yet, many of us struggle to pray regularly, or in a way that feels sincere. And it can be even harder when times are tough.

We've pooled some helpful articles to help you get back on track, get started, or simply get some new ideas on how to pray right now.

1. Praying the way Jesus suggests

The prayer that Jesus taught his disciples, known as the Lord's Prayer, is possibly the best place to start any exploration of how a Christian should pray. Elisabeth Carter takes us through Jesus' prayer, line by line, and shows how we can use all of its important features to inspire our own prayers. Get started here

2.  The key to a solid relationship with God through prayer

Maybe you pray regularly, but find yourself wondering if you're praying for the right things, or even if your heart is in the right place. It's good to be asking these questions, and Tim Deutscher has one crucial tip for anyone who wants their prayers to be grounded on something solid. Discover it here

3. Why you should start a prayer journal

Many of us have a romanticised image of what prayer should be like - a stream of sincere words flowing. But for some people, keeping focused during prayer is a challenge that can leave us feeling demoralised. If you're struggling to concentrate, these tips on keeping a prayer journal may be your next step forward. 

4. Let's be honest with God

Have you ever felt like you put on a mask when you pray to God? Agonising over saying the 'right' thing, or covering up what's truly troubling you? 'Yomi 'Segun Stephen shares why it's perfectly Biblical to tell God what we really think, even when it's negative or doubtful. 

5. Practical Prayer Tips

If you want to pray for something outside your own life, but don't know where to start, Tara Sing's got some wonderfully practical tips on how to find prayer points in our own communities and beyond. Jump in here

6. The habit of praying together

Who says that we have to pray alone? Certainly not the Bible! Sarah Garrett takes us through the benefits of praying with other Christians, and why we should make it a priority